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Rainy Saturday night so why not blog??

It's raining here...... Great night to decorate for the Memorial Day holiday and bake.
The flowers are getting a great amount of rain!! Yay. Tomorrow is suppose to be beautiful.
But mostly a perfect night to decorate and bake.
And warm banana bread....
Love and Sunshine.

Everyone should have a front porch.

The very old.
The old.
And the new.
And the new.
The large.
And the very small.
And the small.
Or seaside.
Or Seaside.
And the humble beginnings I call home.
To the humble porch I call home.
I love stars and the metal one can be purchased in my store. Just click above.
I love stars and this metal one is available in my store. Just click above to go directly there.
Thank you for showing up!

I LOVE Cows!

I love cows. There is something so genuinely wonderful about those big browns eyes.
Even when you can't see them...
The curiosity and character of each cow is unique!
This painting on burlap can be ordered from my store. Just click above to go directly to it.
Have a great Wednesday everyone. Thanks for showing up!