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Have You Tried These?

Have You Tried These?

I bought these for my adult children's Easter basket's. Have you tried them?
There were in the dollar aisle at Target. And they were $3.00.
I had high hopes I'd be sprouting some really big sunflowers that I could later transplant in my front yard when they got tall enough and god willing when it freakin stops snowing around here and the earth warms up.
Then upon reading the instructions and finding out exactly what type of sunflower I was growing I discovered they are dwarf sunflowers. I don't care how big they are I'm just really ready to get this growing season growing!
These 3 disks of growing medium come with this cute bucket and the packet of seeds.
3/4 cup of warm water makes them instantly and I mean instantly grow into planting medium.
Popped everything in this cute little container.
And viola'! I've got it sitting on my desk which normally has the sun shining on it but as you can see it's snowing AGAIN!!!!
Have a great week!!
2 Years Ago Today

2 Years Ago Today

So blessed am I to have been fired from a job I really loved. 
I mean that. 
Had I not been fired I probably never would have had the guts to leave a job that was safe and do what I had always dreamed of.
Starting my own design business.
Well look at me now. 
I've got great projects.
Great clients.
Great contractors and suppliers that help make my projects come together so completely and efficiently.
How very lucky am I.
This was what I told my self for the first 3 months!
Lower level shower remodel
Bamboo floors. All new stone behind the fireplace and floating shelves.
Beautiful quartz. Amazing back splash.
Lower level bath remodel.
Master bath remodel.
Mud room!
Total kitchen renovation.
Entertainment center.
Reclaimed barn wood banister.
New cabinetry. New stone. Reclaimed wood mantel.
New marble surround. Ship lap. Lacquered mantel and surround.  
Luxury vinyl planking and granite counter tops. 
This is just a small list of the projects I've been lucky to take a part in. 
It's been an amazing 2 years.
I'm really proud of myself for not giving up when that voice at 2:00 am starts
telling me I'm not good enough. 
I look forward to more projects and more clients. 
I am so very thankful everyday.


It starts out very innocently. You jump on the succulent band wagon with everyone else and head to the nursery and get ONE! 
That's how it starts. Then your out buying another....
And another.....
And then your hooked! Your a succulent junkie! your heading to the nursery 2 or 3 times a week in case something new has come in.
And now you have this many and your thinking I'm running out of room. I need a succulent condo for all my new babies!
You spend your whole Saturday looking for the perfect stand so they all can still have excellent sunlight and look groovy at the same time. You know, stylish like all the pictures you see now in magazines where all the hip people have their succulents displayed soooooo cool. 
How cool am I now?!