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Halloween Around Here

Halloween Around Here

Each year it seems I decorate with less and less but the Sterilite storage containers continue to stack up.
This ghost holding a pumpkin is new this year....
don't tell anyone though...
Sometimes a well placed ghost is all that's needed.
Or a bar of soap. It actually looks a lot cuter in real life.
How do you decorate?


Happy Friday! Still lovin my letter board.
Have a fantastic weekend. It's going to be VERY cold here in Minnesota so it's a cooking and nesting weekend for this girl.
Count your blessings.

Tuesday Morning's Letter Board

Good morning and happy Monday!!
I love shopping at Tuesday Morning. They have the best gifts for any budget and right now mine is a little tight! But I saw this letter board, it was only $14.99, and I have been looking for one for a while, so I grabbed it! So glad I did.
Great words to start your day, everyday!
It sits quite nicely on my counter in the kitchen. Each time I grab a mug of coffee I'll see it. l'll need to change this pretty soon though to something fun - er! I see some very creative, funny and down right naughty sayings. We'll see what's next.
Have a fantastic Monday!!