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Easy Pumpkin Craft

Easy Pumpkin Craft

This is a super easy craft for anyone and a fun little gift to give to everyone.
Kids can make these with smaller pumpkins and give to teachers or friends. Or use bigger ones like I did to give as a hostess gift or part of
a bigger gift package.        ,     
Almost everyone has a ziplock bag of ribbon that is waiting to be used in a project. I used a variety of styles to give some texture to the pumpkin handle. You can use what ever you've got on hand. Even grapevine from your garden, or your neighbors garden, but ask first, would be 
perfect and really organic.
Then I just tied them all on at once. I used 5 ribbons so it was full.
Mess around with it a bit. Make a big droopy bow or a smaller tight one.
Then stand back and look at it. I fiddled around with it until
I thought it look good. 
I whomped up a cute little card using a heavier copy paper. Super easy. Super quick. The black and orange are perfect for the look I'm going for.
And there you go!
I used my paper punch to cut the hole and then tied it on with
one of the ribbons.
Stand back one final time and take a look. I decided to trim the ribbons a little shorter. I thought they hung prettier.
I hope the ladies like them. It was fun pulling these together. 
Halloween Around Here

Halloween Around Here

Each year it seems I decorate with less and less but the Sterilite storage containers continue to stack up.
This ghost holding a pumpkin is new this year....
don't tell anyone though...
Sometimes a well placed ghost is all that's needed.
Or a bar of soap. It actually looks a lot cuter in real life.
How do you decorate?


Happy Friday! Still lovin my letter board.
Have a fantastic weekend. It's going to be VERY cold here in Minnesota so it's a cooking and nesting weekend for this girl.
Count your blessings.